"Abloom" Series

A collaboration with Ebbets Vintage + Lids, 2023. 
Commemorating the Negro Leagues and some of it's Greats from Black baseball history. 

The original photo was taken upon his first return to Safeco after being traded to the New York Yankees in 2012; where he bows at home plate before his first AB. I thought the bow caught his elegance, as well as the Samurai and Warrior ethos that he brought to baseball.

The color palette and abstracted kana (japanese text,) I borrowed from a famous Japanese painting of the legendary Samurai, Miyamoto Musashi.

He was considered the greatest swordsman of all time, with an undefeated record of 61-0. Musashi was an intellectual as well, publishing a book titled, “Dokkodo,” which translates to, "The Path of Aloneness." I thought that was a great parallel to ESPN‘s article on Ichiro from March 2018, "When Winter Never Ends."

I’ve always admired Ichiro’s stature, he was humble with his game and wore his success with grace.

“The Bow”
Spray Paint on Plywood, Matted & Framed
Ichiro Suzuki
43.5” x 53.5”

"Young God" at Ebbets Field Flannels, 2016.
Pioneer Square, Seattle.