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Original Retired Stencils (BATCH #2)

$55.00 USD

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Stencils that were used for various applications around the studio. Finally retired due to the heavy paint build up.

Stencils are made of oil board, mounted on BFK Rives 280gsm Archival Paper, Hand-Embellished, with various laser engravings throughout.

Each piece a unique 1/1. Signed and Dated. 

(From Left to Right)
Top Row --> #'s 1-3
Bottom Row --> #'s 4-6

***Options #1 & #2 measure roughly, 3" x 5"
***Option #3 (Thank You,) measures roughly, 8" x 8"
***Options #4, #5 & #6, measure roughly, 6" x 8"

PLEASE NOTE: Only options 3-6 are pictured individually below spread sheet.

Please contact me via email if you'd like to see individual photos larger, thank you!

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