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Original Retired Stencils (BATCH #3)

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Stencils that were used for various applications around the studio. Finally retired due to the heavy paint build up.

Stencils are made of oil board, mounted on BFK Rives 280gsm Archival Paper, Hand-Embellished with various Laser Engravings and Collage throughout.

Each piece a unique 1/1. Signed and Dated. 


Top Left:
Edition #1 of 5. "Someone Inspires Another" stencil, with engraved floral accents & Nymphs on two corners. 21" x 4.25." 

Middle Left:
Edition #2 of 5. Solo Apollo Head, with dry roller and floral accents.
7" x 9."

Top Right:
Edition #3 of 5. Old Apollo Bust Sticker Jig, with sunrays & kraft paper accent. 9" x 11." 

Edition #4 of 5. Retired Nude Stencil, with offset paper collage & dry sponge roller fill. 12.75" x 14.625" 

Bottom Left: Edition #5 of 5. Small Apollo Head (Orange.) Engraving inspired by Roquette Bar's bathroom wallpaper. 5.25" x 6"

***PLEASE NOTE: Only editions, #1, #3, #4 and #5 are pictured individually. 
Refer to first image (group photo) to view #2

Please contact me via email if you'd like to see individual photos larger, thank you!

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