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"Drought Tolerant" 2021. Living, Engraved Cactus. (Edition of 17)

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"Drought Tolerant." 
Real, Live & Growing Cactus 
Species of Cactus: Opuntia tuna (Thornless.)
Apollo & Heart engraving on front // Signed & Numbered on back.
Size of each cactus varies between 5"x6" - 6"x8"
Edition of 17. 

Example shown above is roughly 2 years after engraving. 

***Please Note***

Cactus' will not have arms, most still scarring / healing over engraved areas.

Pot NOT included. 

Will be shipped flat in box. Wrapped securely with kraft paper. Roots & soil will be lightly misted before being bound and rubber-banded in plastic ziploc to retain moisture.

(tax included)

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